Aitova Zhanar Zhumabekkyzy was born in 1972 in Semey. In 1989 she finished school 5. Her best recollections of school are connected with the names of Russian language teachers Bektembaeva Raisa Bashankyzy, Makursanov Murat Berikkazyuly. During her study at school she was awarded for holding the leading places in Russian and Kazakh regional olympiads. After graduating from Semey Pedagogical Institute named after Shakarim she worked as a teacher at Faculty of Kazakh Language and Literature there. 1995-1998- postgraduate at Semey State University named after Shakarim. 2008 – defended Master dissertation’ The Theme- Fiction Character of Aset Naimanbaev’s Unknown Works’ and awarded the academic degree of a Master in Kazakh Literature. She wrote research books ‘ The Alash Well-known Poet Aset’,’Poet Aset’. She is one of the authors of ’The History of the World Literature’, and ’Kazakh Language’ for secondary school students. Her 50 scientific works have been published in the American, Chinese, Mongolian journals. Hear son Rymkanov Alisher is a 5 year student of Regional School for gifted children named after Shakarim. He participates in many Republican and Regional scientific projects and Olympiads and holds the leading places. Her son’s achievments: 1 place Diploma in psychology -The City Tour of the Republican ‘Zerde’ Students’ Contest 3 place Diploma in Biology at the Regional Contest of Natural sciences 1 place Diploma in Math at the 9th International Students’ Olympiad on Basic Subjects 3 place Diploma in Biology at the 8th International Students’ Olympiad 1 – 2 place Diplomas for participating in the regional contests ‘Akbota’,’Ainalaiyn’ He was awarded the Certificate of Honor for participating in the contest of children’s drawings ‘The best 20 drawings’ devoted to the 20 th anniversary of Kazakhstan Independence.
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