Kaliyeva Bagila Sagidollayevna Has two higher pedagogical educations - "The teacher of Russian and literature at national school", "The English teacher, the translator". I began work in 1996 in No. 42 SSh the teacher of Russian and literature. In 1998 it is transferred to No. 20 SSh by the English teacher in connection with production need according to the decision of administration. Since 2001 I worked as the senior teacher of chair of foreign languages of Kaynar university (Families). Since January, 2010 I worked as the English teacher in GU "No. 27 SOSh". Since September it is appointed the deputy director for educational work. The author of educational and methodical grants for students of HIGHER EDUCATION INSTITUTIONS. Awards - Winner of the competition "The Teacher of Year — 2009" of Kaynar university (Families). - Akim's diploma of. Families, 2011; - Letter of thanks of People's democratic party "Nurotan", 2011.
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