Abralina Sholpan Shagataevna Abralina Sholpan Shagataevna, born in 1961. She Graduated 27 secondary school in 1976 and entered Poltava Medical Stomatological Institute. In 1983 she began her career as a dentist at Semey. In 2002 she was, awarded the rank of associate professor. For high professionalism, organizational skills In 2006 by Order of the Ministry of Health she was given the title "Densaulyksaktauіsіnіn uzdіgі". Being the Chairman of the Semipalatinsk City Branch of the public association "Kazakhstan Dental Association", a member of the Presidium of the Board of Kazakhstan Dental Association, in 2010 she was awarded with the gold medal "ErenStomatologiyadaғy enbegiushin", and in 2011 she was awarded the title of Honored dentist "Kazakhstan Dental Association." In 2009-2010, For the support provided in organizing and conducting medical program "Healthy Smile" for children with disabilities in Semey she was awarded Thankful letter from the public association "Special Olympics". Now she is an independent expert RK in the activities of health care in assessing the quality of health services. She took part at International Congress on dentistry in Hiroshima (2003)., Stockholm (Sweden, 2008), Singapore (2009)., In Istanbul (Turkey, 2013). In 2011 by Decision of the Presidium of the Dental Association of Kazakhstan she was awarded the title "Honored Kazakhstan Dentist Dental Association." In 2012 she got the diploma "The best teacher of the research work at Semey State Medical University during 2012". According to the rating of PPP of 2012-2013 academic year she was given a diploma "The Best Head of the Department."
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