Was  born  in 1973,29th of  June in  Semey city. In  1990 he  graduated from  school  named  after G.K. Ordzhanikidze.

1990-1994  he received  knowledge in  humanities  faculty  of  the  Kazakh  Humanitarian  University  named  after  Al- Faraby.

Condidate of  Philological Science,  Honored  Worker  of the  Republic of  Kazakhstan. Public Advisor to  the  Head  of  Security Committee, MajilisParliament’s of Internatoinal  affairs.Awarded the  Medal  of  the  10 th anniversary  of  Astana.2010 letter  of  thanks  from  akim  Astana I. Tasmagambetov, 2011 letter of  thanks  from  President   N.A.Nazarbaev,    Medal  of  the  Independence of  the  Republic  of  Kazakhstan.

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