Sharipbayev Oral Tohtarovich Sharipbayev Oral Tohtarovich - chairman of the regional branch of the International Society "Қazaқtіl"  In 1977 he graduated with honors Bukenchinskuyu average shkolu.V 1982 graduated from the Pedagogical Institute named after NK Krupskaya and her career began in the Vocational School № 119. S1983 to 1984 served in the Soviet Army. In 1985 he worked as a teacher in school №16, then was transferred to the deputy directors are on basic military training in secondary school №5 .With 1986 to 1989 in this school was the deputy director on educational work. 1990 to 1991 in Zhanasemeyskoy district department of internal policy.      In 1991 in the area Zhanasemeyskom organized society "Kazakh Til" was subsequently elected rukovodilem this society. From 1991 to the present time works in the regional branch of the International Society "Қazaқtіl"
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